Do we have a basic configuration guide?

I’m looking for a configuration recommendations or best practice guide one could use to configure OpenHAB following the initial install and before adding devices.

The documentation does a great job explaining everything but not so much what’s required, optional or recommended. Think recipe. For example, if using an RPi, what are the recommended openhabian_config commands. For instance, changing passwords, setting up backup, etc. From PaperUI, what should be configured, Network Settings, Persistence, Regional Settings, etc.

Wrote a little guide for myself and everyone who has similar questions:

A nice list but I think at least mapdb persistence should be enabled to keep Item states across system restarts.

Good stuff. I have some questions and thoughts but I’ll add them to the other thread.


But for Thing Discovery it links to the tutorial saying to enable the deeply reviled simple mode for item linking. That is contrary t the advice of the vast majority of users here.

Shouldn’t InfluxDB also do the job? I did use mapdb in the past and didn’t notice any problems after switching to InfluxDB…

Jep, better to keep the questions where the original thread is :slight_smile:

You can find further resources here: How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial).

For the most part, if you are using openHABian, it’s all already done for you. For other types of installs, the steps will depend on such a host of different options that a comprehensive step-by-step guide is impossible.

InfluxDB can do the job, but mapdb does the job better. It’s embedded so if OH is running mapdb is available. InfluxDB could be down, start up in the wrong order or the Network become broken between it and oh which will break restireOnStartup. Also, because it’s embedded and it only stores the most recent state it is significantly faster. Though that doesn’t usually matter all that much. Finally, because it only stores the most recent state, you don’t have to waste disk space storing all the states for items you don’t chart or never use the historical data and only need restireOnStartup.


I was actually looking for what to configure following an initial install and prior to installing any devices. Knowing these could avoid issues down the line.

Actually there us a menu selection in openhabian-config for common (Linux) system tweaks and companion programs such as frontail for log viewing in the browser.

Yes, I think it’s great. I was looking for what recommended commands to run for a “basic” setup. For example, you could proceed on to selecting a package and installing devices or execute a bunch of commands and install a bunch of features. Same with PaperUI System settings. I haven’t found any guides that walk you through system settings.

For example, I’ve never touched Network Settings and have not idea what it does. Is this something I should have configured. What about persistence? Do I need it? If so, which one and whats’ the standard configuration.

All of the settings in PaperUI except lat/long default to a reasonable value based on your system settings so there really is nothing you have to set it change unless you have a reason to which means you are doing something different. And lat long might be set based on your outward facing ip address. There really is nothing you have to configure yourself. Though it’s already good policy to check to know what settings are there and what they do.