Do you have a free-to-use screenshot?

I’m currently writing a blog post about an introduction to smart home. In that article, I would like to add some screenshots of the interface. Do you maybe have a screenshot of your setup that I could use (giving credit e.g. “Screenshot by [your name]”?

What parts of the UI are you looking for? The admin area or the end user interface? MainUI or one of the other UIs?

I can post some of my admin areas. Unfortunately in my end user’s UI I wasn’t very careful to ensure what the licenses are for the images I used for the background on some of my cards so I’m not sure if those would be suitable for use in this context.

At the moment, I would be happy about anything :pray:
(but I was rather looking for the end user’s UI, to be honest)

Have you seen the demo on

I agree with Remo, the demo is probably the best place to start to gather screen shots. If there is something in particular you want to see that isn’t shown in the demo then come back and ask for specific screen shots and I’m certain we can accommodate.

Disagree the demo is worth using as a show off piece. It does not look anywhere as nice as someone that has spent a week making it look fancy with pictures and doing some custom widgets that match each other and create a flowing theme/look. Hopefully someone posts some screenshots like in this thread

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I favour setting expectations when introducing things to people, so I’d show both. The demo gives a reasonable “this is what it looks like when you’re getting started” impression. Something fancier shows the power of openHAB, with the understanding that it takes time and effort to get there.