Do you recognize these window/door sensors?

Renting a new house where these window/door sensors are installed. Anybody has an idea?

Ask the landlord?

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Pull them off and read the sticker on the other side?


I will summarize this for you.

If is it not important enough for you to give even minimal effort to find a solution, it is definitely not worth our volunteer time to assist.

Looks like these:


Wow @Bruce_Osborne you’re at it again…

It is a simple question, and if you don’t know the answer you can very well remain silent and continue to the next topic.

If somebody has exactly the same sensors, it might be easy for him to identify them. If not, also fine.

I will summarize this for you, there are two options when you read this:

  1. you recognice them because you use them yourself for instance, you take 30 seconds to write: “I think they are from brand ABC”.

  2. you don’t recognize them, and you don’t immediately start sending high-handed messages because you are the forum’s gate-keeper of all the volunteers’ time…

Don’t come immediately with “It is definitely not worth our volunteer time to assist”…


Thanks, will check it out…