Docker folder is empty on openhab3 at Synology NAS DSM 7.1

Hey there,

I’m facing some issues with my openhab 3 installation on my NAS

I’ve created some things and items via the paperUI on port 8080 and now I want to use VS Code to access them to add some rules.

My openhab3 is running in a docker container on my synology nas and I can access it via https://myNasIP:8080

Also from VS Code I can access the things I created via an apiToken (they are listed on the left side under “Things”) which I created from the PaperUI. But if I open the corresponding folders, to edit the items for example, in VS Code they are empty (only readme and empty subfolders are inside).

I added a mount as in the install manual link to /volume1/docker/openhab/conf

My settings are the same as described in the manual

If you have any ideas to config the save path from paperUI or transfer my settings, please help

First, to avoid confusion, if you are running OH 3 there is no such thing as PaperUI. PaperUI only existed in OH 2.x. In OH 3 we have MainUI which is the administration UI as well as an end user interface.

Nothing you create through MainUI gets saved to the conf folder. Everything gets stored to the userdata folder under jsondb in JSON formatted text files. These files should not be edited while OH is running.

If you want to write .items files, .things files, and .rules files using VS Code, you have to create those yourself and place them in the proper folder under conf. But then you will lose the ability to modify those configs through MainUI. It’s either or, not both. This is explained in the Getting Started Tutorial and I highly recommend both users new to OH and especially long time users of OH who want to utilize anything new in OH 3, such as creating configs in MainUI, to go through that tutorial.

Okay understood, thanks for the quick reply.
Are you working on a solution to synchronize those settings between the two folders or will it stay separate for ever?

It will likely stay separate forever. They are not intended to be interchangeable. There are some scripts posted on the fourm that use the REST API to pull stuff from the JSONDB and create .items files and the like, but I don’t see any more than that happening if it hasn’t happened up to now.

Note, some bindings have limited capabilities when using .things files (e.g. you can’t set properties on a device when using .things files) and there are a few things that cannot be defined in files at all (e.g. Custom UI Widgets, Rule Templates).

I ran into the same issue. You need to put *\opt* before *openhab*

I wasn’t even able to download addons until I changed the path.

pretty sure it’s /opt, not \opt, as it’s a GNU/Linux System, not Windows…

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