Docker - Homekit - Port 9124 problem

Hello community,
I am not an expert and glad to have everything up to here to run. openHAB is installed on my qnap as a docker container in bridge mode and everything runs fine. Only the connection to apple homekit does not work. According to homekit settings homekit uses port 9124. A port scanning tool shows me this port is not accessible in the openHAB container. Is there a way to activate this port? Or can I use another port, e.g. 9123 is shown as open?
Thanks in advance for any help and many greetings

What did you configure ? According to OH docs port 9123 is the default port.

Hi Wolfgang_S,
currently configured is 9124. According to your link 9123 is also possible. Does the Homekit APP not care? Or does the app query multiple ports? I’ll test it once with 9123.

I am not using the Homekit so I do not have an answer to your question that is based on experience. But I would assume that the Homekit uses Bonjour or a similar service to discover which port is being used.

OK thanks I just test it

as @Wolfgang_S mentioned, Homekit uses Bonjour to discover homekit device and bridge and takes the port from there.