Docker or VM?


I am considering what to use for my new openHAB installation.

All automation devices will be network (IP) based (KNX with IP-Router), so I do not need local USB or other devices.

I am considering using a full-blown VM for openHAB. But on the same server there will be a few wordpress installations, a fileshare and some other things that currently run in a docker image each.

The question now is: also put openHAB in a docker image? Mix docker and VM? Put everything in VMs? What VM-management software (proxmox?)?

Also I am considering going the failover-route in the future with either a HA-cluster or some other means.

Thanks for any input.


You could do both. I typically separate my VMs by function but deploy all the servers on that one VM using Docker. I find it much easier to manage Docker containers and I like the isolation between the containers and the flexibility to link up the networks between containers so I don’t have to expose everything on my LAN directly.

However, if you want to take advantage of all the goodness in openHABian you will want to run in a VM.

I currently run in ESXi but had I to do it over again I would use Xen or KVM as my hypervisor. The free ESXi only allows allocating up to 8 virtual CPUs at a time which I thought was plenty when I first started but have come to realize is too low now that I’ve grown into it some. The cheapest license is unaffordable for home use.