Docker OS


Moving my openhab to Rpi4-4g and I want it dockerazided.
I can go with HypriotOS or just Buster + Docker installed. What do you think will be the best way to go ?

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I would use the Docker install with either Raspbian Lite or full Raspbian is you need a graphical interface on the server.
Here is the easiest way to install Docker, I assume it would work on the Pi too.

# Uninstall old versions, if they exist. Expect errors if they do not exist
sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine containerd runc

# Install Docker Engine - Community
curl -fsSL | sudo sh

# Test Docker
sudo docker run hello-world


Since RPi4 has enough memory, any reason against going OH on docker ? I see that only resources short might be the issue, but its isn’t the case here.

I doubt it.
Home Assistant, for instance is several Docker containers and they say you can start running on a Pi 3.

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I’ve been running OH in Docker without issues for some time now on a Raspberry Pi 3B with Raspbian Stretch/Buster. IMHO it runs just as well as a non-Dockerized instance.

I think if you’re already familiar with Docker it’s definitely the way to go. If you’re new to Docker, using it with openHAB is also a nice way to start learning about it.

openHABian is probably better suited for users who don’t have much Linux experience or don’t want to learn about Docker. openHABian also simplifies using Grafana/InfluxDB with openHAB.

I never used HypriotOS myself, but it has been around for a while. It’s still Debian based (like Raspbian) but more optimized towards Docker. So it will have less useless packages installed and Docker installed by default. It will probably also have some other kernel/configuration optimizations for Docker.

Raspbian is of course the most common distro used on Pi’s so it is more mainstream. Because it is the standard, you’re guaranteed to have the best support for it in communities. So if you run into an issue, chances are very big you can easily find a solution for it. That’s why I will probably keep using Raspbian but I might also give HypriotOS a try someday just out of curiosity. :slight_smile:


Thanks @wborn @Bruce_Osborne
I’ve installed Buster + Docker and got the containers running
Since its that elastic I’ve checked OH3 and its looking super cool
how “stable” is it ?

It’s not very stable at the moment and the new UI is also a work in progress. It’s also using Java 11 instead of Java 8 which hasn’t been tested by many users so there can still be Java 11 related bugs. There’s also not any persistence available in OH3 but there is a PR to port most of the OH1 persistence add-ons (#5275) which will be merged soon. Also note that all OH1 add-ons have been removed from OH3 so it has less add-ons. Hopefully the most popular OH1 add-ons are ported by the time OH3 is released.


So, not for production :slight_smile: thanks