Docker performance on Raspberry Pi 2

I recently switched from running openHAB natively on a RP1 to running it inside a docker container on a RP2 (which I’m very happy with!)

On the hardware wiki, it says:

  • The Apache Fileinstall Bundle is used to continuously check the $OPENHAB_HOME/addons folder in openHAB
  • The bundle writes nearly continously to /tmp/fileinstall-…
  • When uncommenting/setting RAMTMP=yes in /etc/default/tmpfs these I/O operations will be RAM access rather than slow SD card I/O

If I’m running inside a Docker container, does that mean I’d want to change that file -inside- the container, on the rasbpi itself, or both?

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Hey, out of interest, which docker image are you using for openhab2 on RPI? I’m keen to do same.

I’d expect the better way of handling config and plugins would be to add volume bindings, at least for config that’s what many of the images use. For example, this one of OpenHAB 1:

docker run -d --name openhab -p 8080:8080 -v /home/pi/openhab:/etc/openhab --net host dhermanns/rpi-openhab

I’m using a fork of dhermanns - (justinaiken/rpi-openhab on dockerhub)