Documentation for OH2?

Hello guys…
what is the plan regarding documentation for OH2? Will there be a new git wiki related to OH2 - where the original info could be adapted to OH2 - im asking because I could start doing some documentation as soon as I get things updated… currently now I’ve found out how to deal with lambdas, because the wiki on git doesn’t fit OH2 it takes a lot time and Ressources from other maintainers to answer all the questions… it would be much faster if some people could write it directly to the wiki - or what do you think?

You could refer to this thread for more info on where things are at:

This page is served automatically by various .md files in the openHAB2 project directories on git. You can contribute to it at

Yes I’ve seen that, and could contribute to that :slight_smile:

But why isn’t the already git for OH1 not used, and simply change and add the new parts of OH2 or parts that needs updates?
Or is it allowed to simply copy from the oh1 git the sections that already also works for OH2?

Someone much more qualified than me might be able to give you a more official answer but I believe it’s because they’re both very different systems.

There’s many differences in OH1 and OH2 that are make them “unrelatable” to each other. You can’t do a large number of OH2 things in OH1 and there’s some differences you need to consider when implementing OH1 ideas in OH2. It doesn’t make sense to use the same wiki page because you’ll confuse openHAB 1.x users (which are using an officially released system) and openHAB 2.x users (which are using a Beta system).

That and documentation from Eclipse Smarthome (A backbone that OH2 uses) is dynamically included within OH2, all of which is completely incompatible with OH1)

While @Benjy is right that many OH2 topics are not valid for OH1, I understand that you are asking for the other direction: It is right that the OH1 wiki contains a lot of infos that are valid (at least in major parts) for OH2 as well and that are not yet covered on the new OH2 documentation site. So to answer your question: Yes, it is allowed to copy text from the OH1 wiki and create a PR for the new documentation! See e.g. here, where I did exactly that.

The reason why we didn’t blindly copy over everything is that we tried to come up with some new and useful structure (and make sure that the information that we take over is still up-to-date and accurate). So it is best to first open an issue at, if you plan to add new sections, so that it can be discussed, where it should best go (and if anybody else might already be working on it).