Does anyboy has experience with Homematic motion sensor and

I‘ve discoverd the motion sensor HM-Sen-MDIR-WM55 from homemtic series.


As I’m using openHabian on a Raspberry PI I think this interface would be a good match.

Does anybody has experience with those components?

I’m using also a eqMAX! cube and related devices to controll the heating.
Would the MAX components work together with the above mentioned interface with openHab2?

The Max Cube sucks and I would like to get rid of it.:frowning:

im not using the hardware yet, but read a bit about the possible application in an openhab system.
with this HM-MOD-RPI-PCB module youll be able to turn your pi into a ccu2 - youll need raspberrymatic image or something like YAHM (
a ccu2 can control all your homematic devices and i think a lot of homematic ip devices. im not sure about controlling max devices - check the net.

to control your homematic devices from oh2 youll need to use the homematic binding.

im afraid you cant run both systems on a single raspi (performance, memory,…) but i never tried.

You can easily use both on one Raspberry PI if you move your devices to Homegear (Included in openHABian).

Homegear is also able to communicate with Max!, but needs a different radio adapter for that. (The HM-MOD-RPI-PCB is just able to talk to Homematic.) You also can just use one radio protocol at once per adapter.

I suggest this adapter (went from the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB to this): This adapte can talk to Max! and Homematic, but not at the same time.

So, to make it clear, you need two adapter to talk to Homematic and Max! at the same time, but if i am not mistaken, you may use the Max! cube with a different firmware as another radio adapter.

Oh, and by the way, the motion detector works fine, included is brightness and 2 pushbuttons (short, continuous and long press each).