Does anyone have this binding org.openhab.binding.mpower

In the old Google forum I’ve found someone who developed a binding for ubiquit mpower plugs. There is a link to a GitHub project ([]) with the souce code of the binding. I’ve tried to setup the whole IDE to compile this binding but I have been unsuccesful.

I’ve also tried to find some way to contact the author, to no avail.

Does anyone have this binding compiled.

Thanks on advance for your help

Finally I was able to compile it and it works!!

If someone want’s it, just let me know.

Hey! I have been trying to use with mqtt. So far it works, but with limitations.
A binding could be a great try, if you could share the binding, would be great!

I’ll be glad to share the binding, but I can’t upload it here. DM your email and I’ll send it to you.


Hi Alejandro,

can you send also to me the binding?

Many thanks.

Fabio, attached is the class compiled. It works perfect in version 1.8.0. I
haven¡t been able to make it work on OH2 (it throws a null pointer
exception after connection, I’m trying to debig it but I haven’t have time)
I’ll let you know if I succed.

Gmail doesn’t allow me to send a jar file. the 7z zip file password is

Hi Alejandro, in this post there isn’t any link or attachment.

Where can I find the jar?
Can you share a google drive, dropbox, etc link?

Fabio, I’m sorry, but I’m on vacation with limited internet access. Here is
the jar file
in Google Drive. Hope it helps.


Any news about the OH2 binding?

No, no way to make it work… I give up! :tired_face:

I’m using the exec binding and some shells to turn on and off mpower plugs


please see [OH2] mPower 1.9.x Binding Problems