Does frontail "sometimes" trnslate into local language?

While watching the frontail logview from the dashboard I stumbled on german entries (“Aussentemperatur” or “Kesseltemperatur” instead of "OutsideTemperature"or “BoilerTemperature”). However it didn’t last long and then it changed back to english. I checked to logs with another enditor, all in english.
Is frontail doing that and if yes, why not all the time?

Before you ask: I was not drunk!

maybe you looked in chrome and google automatically translated?

I am using Chrome.
But why would Chrome change from translating to not translating?
Or how to start it the translation?

It’s an interesting thought. I think Chrome applies some pretend “AI” by scanning a few words to determine if it should translate … that might explain a “sometimes, sometimes not” observation.

OK. I found the setting of Chrome to do exactly that. However I didn’t apply it manually.
Thanks for the help.