Does Legrand Adorne Work with OpenHAB

These are the best looking switches / plugs I have ever seen to be honest, yet pretty pricey compared to other switches.

My question is, is there a way to get the Legrand Adorne switches to work with OpenHAB? I believe they are RF? They just look amazing and seem easy to use! My question is though, they have a certain “RFLC Event Controller” that seems to be their hub ( Do I even need this, or are these working on another type of protocol that I could tap into?

Legrand offers two controllers to bridge their proprietary “Top Dog” Z-wave like wireless protocol to IP based control. The older LC6001 controller has an embedded web server in it that you point a web browser at from your phone or computer and click or tap on buttons to control the legrand adorne lighting dimmers and switches. The newer LC7001 controller is designed to work with an app on your phone, you press a button on the app and it sends some sort of IP signal to the LC7001 and it in turn uses top dog to control an Adorne light dimmer or switch.

I think the only way to get OpenHAB to work with a Legrand Adorne lighting system would be to do a bit of sleuthing to understand the messages that the phone app sends to the LC7001 bridge. I think you would have to put a packet sniffer like the free WireShark program on a laptop connected to your home network and configure it in “promiscuous mode” to monitor traffic between the IP address of your phone and the IP address of the LC7001. You would press a button to turn the kitchen light on using your phone app, and WireShark would record what message was actually sent over your network.

Once you could figure that out, you probably could replicate the IP commands with OpenHAB.