Does manual switching get updated in OpenHAB

I have aeotec dimmers installed behind my normal wall switches and they work. Show up as green in habmin and can dim the lights via OpenHAB.

When the wall switch is used to turn the light on or off that state is not reflected in my sitemap. Should I expect it to be? It was the dimmer that turned the lights off.

Do you have “refresh_interval=60” in your item’s Zwave binding configuration? 60 here means OH will poll the dimmer every 60 seconds to get its current state. Of course, the dimmer may be storing its current value regardless if the light is ON or OFF, so it may actually be reporting that value, and not the actual state of the light.

Hey that’s the ticket! Thanks, just what I needed. Makes me wonder if I should have picked up on that from someplace already. I wonder if that works on a temperature sensor.

This works but is not the best way. Read up on associations in the ZWave binding wiki page and ensure they are configured for your dimmers. This way you will get instant updates when a switch is manually changed and will no longer need any polling. Much more efficient for larger ZWave networks.

Even better, so first what a great and supportive community here. I hope to help others as I keep learning myself.

Took me some time but I got the associations working. Besides adding to the group, a configurable setting for my dimmers also had to be changed from disabled to send hale CC. Another option is Basic CC Report, it didn’t work and I don’t know what that setting does. But they update much faster now thanks!

Glad to hear it! The ZWave stuff can take a while to get your head around but once you have your will be away laughing. Chris Jackson has done a wonderful job streamlining a lot of the process so believe me it is simpler than it used to be!