Does MiLight update OH?

I’m thinking of getting a couple of MiLights, and was wondering if anyone knows if you use the Milight remote to turn on/off a light, will that command be passed and shown in OH? Does that require using both their remote and their Hub?

ie. I’m trying to figure out if I can set rules when a Milight is turned on or off via their remote or not.

Or does the binding work only 1 way letting you control only Miight bulbs in OH, but not getting any kind of updates back?

As far as I know MiLight is only 1-way and there is no feedback possible.


AFAIK the official milight hub+remote+binding is only 1 way, HOWEVER you can get it going by following this info here with no soldering and around $10 of parts. You also get a lot more benefits like way more than 4 groups so you can have individual control over many more bulbs.

You can see some animated GIFs and some more info about the remote side of things here…

This is great information and something I hope to try and build and implement going forward.

Does anyone know how the Milight E27 bulbs look in real life? Good deep blues and colors?

If I can get this to work well, I may end getting rid of philips and lightify to go with Milight and wifi remotes that can talk with OH2.

I have these ones which cost $16 each in the bulk 12 pack plus shipping.
At the moment these are the latest and most advanced globe they make as it includes SATURATION control or in plain english the ability to mix the colours with the white LED in varying amounts. Bold colours to light pastel colours can be made to order from openhab. Blue is always the hardest colour to reproduce and is usually the lowest brightness with any brand LED, these seem fine to me but the blue is lower than say a pink. Have not seen a Phillips HUE in action so cant comment on how they compare. I have a friend with the older milight range without the saturation and these globes are far better. Globes I have are aluminium heatsink fins so the LEDs can produce more light than older models which are cased in plastic. Mine shipped in milight boxes and the same globe is sold under milight, limitless led, easybulb and more.

The only tiny downside to these are they take around 1 second to turn on when power is first applied. HOWEVER when using openhab or the remotes they change on and off instantly as they are powered on all the time. WAF is good because if they are turned off by openhab you can flick the power switch off and then back on to get the globe to work again.

Hey guys,

I’ve got the part ordering and arriving tomorrow to give this a try. But in reading up, can someone possibly confirm the correct PIN layout for connecting the ESP8266 to the NRF24LOI? In comparing Chris’s blog to a another post he references, I think I see one difference in connect the ‘Orange’ to the CE pin on the NRF24LOI?

Chris’s blog mentions it should be connected to D0. But in the other post, it shows it connected to D2?

I think it really is the pin labeled D2 on the board?

and then following this link from Chris’s blog to here hxxps:// to this here

This works for me.

NodeMCU Pin = NRF24L01+ Pin

3V (NOT Vin) = VCC
D0 = CE
D8 (HCS) = CSN

The only thing I found confusing is the D0 pin on nodemcu is also called GPO16 and the espMH’s control panel allows you to define the pins. Just leave everything at default and use the above connections using the photos at this blog.
So long as you get VCC and GND correct you should not damage anything by getting it wrong.