Does OH need Port 8443?

I want to use Amazon Dashbuttons to controll my smarthome stuff on my Pi with opebhabian.
I redirect the calls to the amazon server to my webserver. The only problem is, that the dashbuttons use the port 8443. According to netstats the port is occupied by 733/java.

Does that have anything to do with OpenHab? Can I change the port somehow without effecting OH?


Yes OH uses by default ports 8080 and 8443. This is something you can adjust but you will have to consult the documentation.

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In short, the ports can be changed by assigning the OPENHAB_HTTP_PORT and OPENHAB_HTTPS_PORT variables. Since you’re using openHABian, then this is pretty simple. Simply uncomment and edit the lines in /etc/default/openhab2

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Thanks… it works…

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