Does OpenHAB handle IP cameras with two way audio?

Hello, as some door bells are IP cameras with two way audio, like:

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell,

Ring Doorbell Elite,


Dahua VTO2202F-P ,
And perhaps more that I am not aware of…

Those have two way audio,- but does OpenHAB handle that?

Related GitHub links:

Jitsi does not natively talk to any of those, and would seem to be a really heavy weight solution to do so (it does multi user video chat very well, not really point to point). What device are YOU specifically trying to integrate and how would you ideally like it to work? Many door-cams speak SIP ( I have a few) , and there are far better tools than Jitsi if thats the signaling being used.

I don’t have any of those yet, but I like the idea of integration.

What is the better tools that you mentioned?

The doorbird binding has SIP ability. Have not used it to comment on what can be done.

I believe webRTC is a future way forward if it gets implemented, but it is a pain to get working remotely as it uses a new random port each time if I understand correctly. If you use a VPN to connect back home, this is not a problem. It also may have a problem with using certain audio codecs and require them to be transcoded. Have not looked enough to know how viable it would be. If someone is good at JavaScript it would be great if they checked it out.

if you can get SIP working now by buying certain hardware that would be better than waiting for someone to add webRTC.

It seems that Jitsi meet supports WebRTC.

Are you talking about adding a WebRTC binding or similar to OpenHAB?

There is a request for OpenHAB/ Jitsi integration on GitHub:

I looked at it very quickly but a binding alone can not do it all as you would also need a JavaScript app built into a widget that is tuned for the binding.

I found this project and it also provides the JavaScript apps needed for you to use in a widget.

If you have docker…

docker run -p 8000:8000 -it mpromonet/webrtc-streamer -n mycam -u rtsp://Camip:554/urlhere

The GitHub readme has examples on how to embed in a HTML page.

I don’t have any IP camera, but thanks for mentioning it .

@Supermagnum none of the use cases you have presented are not a fit for Jitsi , I don’t think continuing to bring it up is helping the case. Just because something supports webrtc does not mean it can talk to other webrtc devices, it is a reference and framework for mainly browser based real-time media and standardizing on offers (basically sdp) between clients , but does not include any signaling specifications . There are a number of browser based sip clients , specially sip.js and jssip which can use browser based webrtc for the media bits . There are then a number of sip/webrtc based servers designed for this type of communication ( jitsi not being one of them) like asterisk, freeswitch, Kamilio and cloud services like twilio. These all support nats and work without vpns. Jitsi does have a sip connector , but it tries to try translate sip audio into xmpp, basically a foreign signaling protocol , again very much not the right tool.