Does OpenHAB support BLE binding?


I’m a beginner, and trying to understand bluetooth binding, then I can use it with my BLE device. After reading something, it seems that OpenHAB1.0 has bluetooth binding. However, it is based on BlueCove which only supports Bluetooth, not BLE.

Is my understanding right? If OpenHAB1.0 doesn’t support BLE, may I consider to develop a BLE binding, or switch to OpenHAB2.0 ?

Hope to get some opinions?

Thanks a lot

There is a BLE binding for OH2. To be clear, there probably can’t be a BLE binding as such since there are limited standards at application layer. So, what exists in OH2 are a number of bundles that provide BLE via BlueZ.

  • DBus transport bundle provide the dbus libraries - this is already merged to ESH
  • Bluetooth transport bundle providing the interface definition
  • BlueZ transport bundle providing an implementation of the Bluetooth transport to BlueZ over DBus

There is some work required to finish these off, but the system is tested and working. The API is similar to Android.

On top of this bindings would be required for different devices. My original idea had been to make a single BLE binding that would support multiple devices, but the lack of any standards in BLE make this very difficult (IMHO) at this time.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you very much. And here I have another two questions:

I want to run OH or OH2 in embedded system, so OH2 is better since some optimization done for embedded system, right?

As you mentioned, “OH2 are a number of bundles that provide BLE via BlueZ”. Could you please tell me where I can find it?, or is there any document about this part?

Thanks a lot.

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I haven’t played yet with UPnP or bluetooth but would something UPnPParticipant work so that binding delegates the processing to the correct handling code given some recognition filters ?

I haven’t played much with bluetooth yet, but have a few devices I wanna hook to OH2 so I’m trying to get my mind around how bluetooth works altogether and bluez. Any links I should read to really get an idea how the inner work with bluetooth ?

Hi Chris,

could you please tell me where to find the BLE code? I’m interested in writing a couple of bindings that all require BLE, so I hope I could build on top of it.


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After searching again and again I think I’ve found what I need. Maybe it helps someone else as well…