Does openhab2 store all non-essential information in a specific folder?

I want to run openhab2 on raspberry pi 3 b+. It runs on a microSD card.
Thus, I want to eliminate all non-essential writes to microSD card.
In my mind, only configurations and static icon files are worth writing to microSD card.
Does openhab2 store all non-essential information in a specific folder? If it does, then I can mount a tmpfs on it in order to avoid non-essential writes.

  • a tmpfs is already mounted on /var/log.
  • Is it safe to mount a tmpfs on /var/lib/openhab2 ?

No, since that folder contains jsondb which store e.g. configured things and links

Check this post.

I decided to eliminate all writes to microSD card by rolling my own home automation system which now consists of a python script and a cron job.

If you are willing to put up with command line UI for report and manual control, automation is not difficult since there are python libraries for many things.

Writing openhab2 is difficult because it has to have general concepts and serve many people. My own system mixes configuration with code, and it has to serve only me.

You’re of course free to run your custom solution, but you will have to reinvent the wheel many times and will not benefit from existing bindings and community support from people who have already gone down the paths that you will still need to explore.
And if you can do Python you shouldn’t find the rules DSL to be ‘difficult’ to program.

Search BK Hobby on YouTube, he does some good videos on installing openhabian on a pi and then moving the files from sd to usb dongle.

I’ve done it this way, it’s very straight forward and so far so good, (rushes off to find a 4 leaf clover)