Does orvibo/zwave/hue binding NOT support REFRESH?

1 Can I have the conclusion that orvibo binding does NOT support REFRESH command?

in orvibo binding’s handleCommand, only ON & OFF command is handled.
I assume handleCommand is main entry for all the commands including ON/OFF/REFRESH/UP/DOWN.

As only ON & OFF is here, can I say REFRESH is NOT supported?

2 I assume REFRESH command is update the UI item status to be the same as real device status.
e.g. UI item is OFF. real device is ON.after sending REFRESH, UI item will be ON as well.
Do I have some misunderstanding here?

Say a switch device
It is a pretty common feature to have a API/interface to read its device status as ON/OFF.

On openhab, I assume the relevant API is REFRESH command.
Is there any other REST API / other method I should look into for that purpose?

Thank you.

After discovery,
1 For zwave,
it seems after 30 seconds, related UI item status is updated.
REFRESH commands seems has NO effect here.

2 For hue,
immediately after discovery, related UI item status is updated.

1 It seems to me REFRESH command need support from binding.
This way, openhab send request to binding. binding update status.

2 Other than REFRESH command, in binding, some function may call updateState to update UI item status. Those function looks like callback, triggered by device/IO side event.
This way, without openhab, binding update UI item status.

Here is my understanding of UI item status update. NOT sure I have some misunderstanding here.

Thank you.