Does the EU Version Xiaomi MI-Control-Hub work?

I just got from Amazon the EU-version the Xiaomi Mi Controller Hub and try to find the developer key.
The procedure i found so far is to download the app, set things to china and connect to the hub. Only the hub is nowhere to be found.
When setting everything to Germany i can easily connect hub with app but with none of the required menue items.
The status right now is I can get everything connected within the Xiaomi universe but can’t connect to OpenHab.
One idea is to use an old access point, set up a VPN to china and try things again, just with a chinese network.
Are there any other ways to get the key or establish a connection between OpenHab and the Xiaomi world? Should I get a hub from china?
The version of the app is 5.6.65

Hello there,

I was able to get the developer key through an older version of the Xiaomi App. When I try to include it to OpenHab following the guides it does however not show up. Is there anything I’d be able to do to use it. If I understand correctly there is a difference between the chinese versions of the gateway and the EU version. Has anybody tested the EU version for compatibility or would know how this can be done. Is it possible to trick OH into believing the EU gateway is a china gateway (some sort of ID mapping?)

Thanks up front for any hints or help!

I tested the EU Version. It does not work.
There is no possibility to activate the developer mode. Without that you cannot connect to the hub.
I found some descriptions how to hack into the hub and activate ssh so you can open Port 9898. For that you have to open the hub and manupulate the Hardware. Not recommended.
The best solution for me was an App called MacroDroid. The Xiaomi home App triggers an altert to my mobile Phone the MacroDroid Apps reads it and sets an Item through Tasker funktion of OH Beta app. Works quite good.

Thanks Micha,

I thought once you have the Token the OH would basically use the same API as does the App which probably then was a wrong assumption. I think I somewhere found an artical on the Forum how to connect via serial interface to the box. In case this works reliably and indeed just the port needs to be opened and then the bridge behaves as expected I might give it a try. Otherwise I’ll probably get a chinese bridge in addition and hope for support of EU version over time - would feel better to use GDPR compliant servers…

Thanks again

I’ve searched this forum and found a link to a russian hacked Mi Home app. Using it I was able to read the Device ID and Token. Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding does not work with it (the Mi Control Hub has no open TCP ports), but I can add it using the Xiaomi Mi IO Binding (as unsupported device).

The Xiaomi Mi IO Binding will indeed be able to pull the token for the gateway, and for gateways that allow it, be able to send the command to open the developer mode.
If that command is not supported by your gateway, you would still be able to send commands to it, hence most likely able to control most of the devices through rules.

In Mi IO binding it will be discovered as ‘unsupported device’ as there is no other functionality than to send commands to the device.

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Thanks. I would like to send the command “psm-set network.open_pf 3”, how can I do it ? I’ve created an Item
String Mi_Hub "Command" {channel="miio:unsupported:1072B9E6:actions#commands" }
and used a rule
Mi_Hub.sendCommand("psm-set network.open_pf 3")
but it did not work.

You don’t get a Linux command line through the miio interface.
However you can send enable_telnet or enable_telnet_service which for most models opens the telnet interface… in the telnet you prob can send your command.

However i was more refering to the sort of commands the mihome binding is normally sending like device_list and similar commands the mihome would normally send to the device

Thanks, but given the limitations of the EU gateway (it only connects to a fraction of Mi devices), I’m now following this work. Maybe a different firmware can solve such limitations.

ah, I did not know Xiaomi only let EU devices bind to the EU gateway… indeed that suxx
My Russian is not too good :slight_smile: but looks like a cool project if that allows all devices to be connected.