Does the Telldus Local Bridge renew tokens automatically?

Installed openHAB 3.2.0.M3 on a RPi3 together with the Tellstick binding. Activated the Telldus Local Bridge and set the tokens and it all works fine. As I’m paranoid I set the renew condition to 1 day during the setup, also I set allowRenew=true. Everything worked fine for 24 hours when the Tellstick bridge reported itself offline. Manual renewal of the token solved the issue for another 24 hours and then again it was offline. (Yes I know the instruction says 1 year for the renew condition but I want to test the stability before migrating my openHab 2 installation.)

So my questions is if the automatic renewal is implemented for the binding? Telldus instructions are here: Authentication — Telldus TellStick v1.3.0-59-g457160d documentation