Does your ESP8266 - ESP01 BLUE LED continously flicker

I have one question…
I have several ESP 8266 esp01 version ,attached to arduino uno and arduino mega.
These system comunicate with external devices with MQTT protocol, (knolleary PubSub library).

My question is very simple…If you have the same hardware, also your blue led on the ESP8266 continously flicker ???
I dont understand why the led flicker… (during night time is a little bit annoing)

Ah …the system works …seems only strange to me these kind of behaviour … I can’t find any video on the net to compare

Thank you

I had the same issue with latest Tasmota.

Properly setting the MQTT broker address / user / pw solved it for me

Wifi traffic. GPIO 16 (D2) is the source for the LED blinking.
Disable that in your sketch and you should be good to go

To disable it?

digitalWrite(16, LOW)

in arduino setup is correct ?

Maybe, I don’t now if the wifi will still write on it though…
Better set the pin as an input

Ok. Thank you for hint,
i will try and give feedback :wink: