Doesn't find matching binding provider error

This is my very first attempt at adding an item and making it work in OH. I have been researching and studying for a few weeks and decided to finally give it a go. However, on my first item, I am stuck and I can’t figure out why as the syntax seems to match properly.

Setup: (OH 1.8)

I am trying to use the exec binding to call a known working script, codesend, to turn my RF 433 Outlets on and off. This is definitely a software issue as this hardware is working fine and has been for months with my own custom webapp.

The error I am getting (when clicking ‘On’ is:

2016-08-20 16:43:13.738 [WARN ] [.o.b.exec.internal.ExecBinding] - doesn't find matching binding provider [itemName=lamp_lr, command=ON]

Another weird thing that is happening is that when I click the ‘Off’ button, I get this in the logs. Doesn’t look like an error, but certainly isn’t what I want, I do not think.

2016-08-20 16:43:31.145 [INFO ] [.o.b.exec.internal.ExecBinding] - executed commandLine '/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend 5330380]>[ON:/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend 5330371

It should only be sending:

/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend 5330380

That being said, I feel it is a syntax error, but I checked the exec binding wiki examples and mine looks right. Here are my items and sitemap files:

Switch lamp_lr "Living Room Lamp" (gOH, Lights) {exec=">[OFF:/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend        5330380]>[ON:/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend 5330371]"}

sitemap home label="Home"{	
		Frame label="Light Switches"
		Switch item=lamp_lr label="Living Room" mappings=[ON="On" , OFF="Off"]

One other side note, I cannot seem to find any general syntax documentation, for instance spacing, wrapping to next line, etc. A lot of the examples I see show no spaces between the = and there are a few other syntax questions I need to clear up on that as well. Thanks!

Really? No one knows or has any suggestions? I’m surprised. It honestly seems like a bug as far as I can tell but need some validation before I report it.

I think you missed a space

Switch lamp_lr "Living Room Lamp" (gOH, Lights) {exec=">[OFF:/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend 5330380] >[ON:/home/pi/python_scripts/automation/v2/codesend 5330371]"}

Well I’ll be…that is exactly what it was. (Part of the reason I was also asking about a syntax reference). It would have taken forever to figure that out on my own…needed a second pair of eyes! Thanks!