Dont show an DateTime item on Sitemap when some String is "Word"


I have a gardena mower working perfectly with the gardena binding.

In my Sitemap i have

Text item=Maeherstatus icon=mower
Text item=NextStart icon="time"

on items i have this

String Maeherstatus “Status [MAP(]” {channel=“gardena:mower:home:myMower:mower#status”}
DateTime NextStart “Nächster Start [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$ty %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]”{channel=“gardena:mower:home:myMower:mower#timestamp_next_start”}

(The Map only translate the english commands to german)

But if the if the state of Maeherstatus change to “ok_cutting” i always see on NextStart the Dummy date: 31.12.1969 23:00:00. I just want to hide this or it should be set to 0

If Maeherstatus change to charging it shows me correctly the NextStart Time.

So how can i solve this problem i tried with serveral rules String Comparision also with Visibilty in Sitemap but still not working.

Maybe some one has a clue

visibility should work.

Text item=NextStart icon="time" visibility=[Maeherstatus!="ok_cutting"]

What did you try?

hmm i think i tried exactly the same

just copied your version and now its working

thanks a lot