Don't show new items


When I create new item in items file, I can also see it in the PaperUI
meaning that I see double of everything I use in the items.config

Is there a way to tell PaperUI to ignore the second item or other workaround for it ?
Original Switch1 from channel + Item name.

Items created via files will show on PaperUI, however they can NOT be changed via PaperUI!
If you actually see more items then created via files, they would be created automatically for each channel of each thing by the selected SIMPLE MODE for item linking. Those automatically created items would NOT have the names you used in the items file.
If you only see the names you did setup in your files you are NOT seeing dou les!

Everything you just said is right, but still I’m annoyed from seeing them.

When using items files to create items the SIMPLE MODE should be off!
All items created automatically can be deleted via PaperUI.

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How Items can be created otherwise ?
If I want to link channel to Item.

I’ve just read about Simple Mode, and I see that it automatically create items for any channel.
I want to disable this mode, but how do I remove the paper ui items I don’t need ?

PaperUI will show all items (file created and PaperUI created ones) under Configurations-Items.
Each item shows a pencil sign for editing, the PaperUI created ones do show a dustbin sign. Hitting this sign will delete the item!

Items can be created via files, in this case linking is done by specifying the channel.
Items can be created via PaperUI manually by selecting the to be linked channel. You will get show a dialog that allows selecting an existing item or create a new one.
And finally items can be created automatically for each channel ( SIMPLE MODE).

Thanks for the info.
What happen if I uncheck the circle in the item instead of deleting it ?
I really like the channels being automatically discovered

The item will remain…just not linked to the channel.

It does make it simple, no pun intended, but if you ever want to use files for items it will be a headache trying to keep up with all the duplicates.

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I’ve just tried to “unlink” items from Paper, and when I checked the runtime it disapeared

openhab> smarthome:items list denon.*zone2_mute
denonmarantz_avr_0005cdfdc4f2_zone2_mute (Type=SwitchItem, State=OFF, Label=Mute, Category=null)


openhab> smarthome:items list denon.*zone2_mute
No item found for this pattern.