Don't understand how connect OP 3 and Google home together!

Can someone give me a step by step instruction on how to connect Oh3 and google assistant. Two days I read manual and try to connect them together but don’t know why it not work, thx. Openhub cloud says " Your openHAB is not online. Please check if your installation is running or recheck the openHAB settings in your account.".

PS year ago I try to connect OP2.5 and have the same problem…

It would help if you posted what you’ve done.

In general the approach is:

  1. create a account
  2. install the openHAB Cloud Connector add-on
  3. configure your account with the secret and UUID as described add-on
  4. verify that shows your instance is online
  5. Navigate to the Items you want to be accessible in Google Assistant in MainUI and add the appropriate Google Assistant Item Metadata to the Items.
  6. In the Google Home app add the openHAB account.
  7. Ask GA to “sync my devices”.

You must complete steps 1-5 before step 6 and 7. If you do not have any Items configured with GA metadata prior to linking the account and syncing devices, the sync will fail.

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Thx for your help i successful add broadlink wall switch and it shows in google home, but it does not update its state immediately in GH, it updates after 3++ minutes (inside openHab state updates in 30 seconds interval) it’s ok for google home?

PS for me problem was in I don’t add devices in google(metadata) and put the wrong key in the secret key field on the account. It must be taken from path \yourIP\openHAB-userdata\openhabcloud\secret but i take it from another file

Google Assistant doesn’t have a constant connection to openHAB. I wouldn’t be surprised if some actions take some time before they are reflected in Google Home.

Now i tested more OH and GH but now i only can connect device like swiches(with on/off). I read manual and don’t understand how connect robot vacuum (i choose meta data metadata with vacuum) and AC(don’t find AC and set metadata to termostat).
What i do:

but google didn’t see robot vacuum at all!!! It see thermostat, but if I’m open it there no any information and any working buttons. For example if i add same device from mihome and broadlink google know about this and do commands like "start cleaning, stop cleaning, dock (for robot vacuum) heat, cold, change degrees and etc(for AC). for now i can only work with switches items and i think lights also will work (because they have only on/off)

Google Assistant | openHAB documents the only supported device types. Robot vacuum is not among the supported devices so you’ll have to use Switches.

Thermostats also have a certain set of requirements to work. See Google Assistant | openHAB