DOODS anyone

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I’ve just found DOODS which provides a local REST service which identifies objects in images and I’d like to raise attention to it:

Is anyone already using it?
Maybe it’s interesting for the IP Cam Binding (@matt1)?


I am using it ‘stand-alone’ and just for fun to detect if there are objects moving in front of our house.
Once an object is detected and not in the blacklist ( e.g. elephant, bed ) it is being tagged ( a rectangular around it’s position ) and a snapshot is send via telegram.

Why would you not want to know when there is an elephant passing by? Mind you, I suppose it depends where you live.


I have not tried it but is on the to do list if I ever find the time as it is a low priority for me. I don’t have issues with false positives except on one camera that my dog triggers which would benefit from this. the time vs benefit ratio for me does not make sense right now.

For those that are using it, I am Interested in hearing how much cpu load it is on a pi4 and other processors with a single camera at 1 frame per second?

There is also an interesting face recognition binding on GitHub openhab addons that was getting reviewed to be merged that stalled and got closed. If someone is keen and knows java it is worth checking out as are a number of projects.