Door contact sensor timing questions


I am looking for a contact sensor for my door. I tried some insteon sensors but they seemed to have a very slow response time and would get confused if opened and closed quickly.

I also noticed that if it was opened and closed within 1 second openhab would not see the state correctly. Everything tells me its the insteon sensor itself. I detected this problem on the bench, however once installed on my door it had an issue missing states also. Here is my question:

Is there a sensor that can detect open/close within .5secs without a problem. The scenario would be you open the door and realize you forgot something and close immediately. It should handle this state change with no issue. I am looking at zwave sensors, but I would like if someone could give me feedback prior to making a purchase.


You have to use a rule, delay that time und check the state after that onvce more.

Its the openhab insteon PLM binding, not the sensor. IIRC, the binding thinks it is seeing a duplicate message and ignores it. If you have an insteon hub and look at the sensor state through its app, it is always correct. If you search this forum you’ll see a quite long discussion on this a few years ago. I have no idea how to solve this myself.

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So, does zwave perform better?