Door lock xml file not created in userdata/zwave/

@dbadia and @chris

After some time away from openhab returning and upgrading to v 2. Looks promising, and it feels good to be back!!

However, trying to get my idlock idl-101 door lock to work with openhab2 I can’t seem to get a xml file created for the node. I have it nicely showing up in openzwave and can controll it from there, or from a ZME_WALLC-S paddle securely included in the zwave network. Openhab2 seem to generate xml files for all the other nodes, including the wallc paddle but not for the door lock. It gets stuck in the initialisation process somehow, after recieving manufacutrer info etc.

If I control it directly or via paddle openhab recieves status updates from the door lock and is able to decrypt them, but I can not control the lock from openhab. I also did a recompile of the z wave binding including a xml-file for the lock, and openhab recognizes it, but does not finish the initialization…

I can provide a log if necessary. EDIT: Sent some log files to Chris.

Any help appreciated!

At the moment the OH2 binding is not supporting the security classes.

Thanks for the reply. That explains why it doesn’t work :slight_smile: Just ignore the email I sent you!


Chris, will I get in trouble if I have a secondary controller handling the secure stuff, and openhab2 as primary on the same network? (Error msg in openhab etc…?). I was planning a workaround using the mios binding…

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure. Given that the primary controller (ie OH) doesn’t support the secure classes, I’m not sure that the secondary will be able to since I think it needs to get the key from the primary controller. I’m not sure about that though, so you can always try.

The other option though is to put you lock on a separate ZWave network with Vera as the primary and then use the Mios binding to control the lock. I know a few people are doing that.