Door sensor does not send status to openhab2


I am a new user of openhab2 (never used openhab1x) and I am really excited although the learning curve is really steap. I go step by step and I have configured quite a few stuff but I am currently stuck on this one.

I have a fibaro door sensor that does not report its status in openhab. When the door is opened it sends an ON command to a fibaro dimmer and when it closed it sends an OFF signal just fine. It is just that the channel in openhab reporting the status of the door is blank. In the events.log I see the dimmer being triggered when the door opens / closes but nothing related to the door itself

2016-12-29 22:21:00.929 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Toilet_Dimmer changed from 34 to 0

The controller is in the association group 1 and 2 on the sensor config but this does not change anything. The dimmer that is controlled by the sensor is also on group 2 and it works fine (switches on / off based on the door status)

You can see in the image that I get a status on the Alarm and also on the battery level but not on the Binary Sensor which is the door contact. I configured it also as switch (which is the default) but no change

What am I missing ?


Try changing it to a Contact


I recently also included a Fibaro FGK101 DoorSensor and I get OPEN/CLOSED Info.
I show you my config, so you can compare it to yours.

At the moment I got this:

In events.log i can see this:

2016-12-30 04:14:02.947 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - N04FibaroDoorSensorFGK101Garage_DoorSensor changed from OPEN to CLOSED
2016-12-30 04:14:07.415 [ItemStateChangedEvent     ] - N04FibaroDoorSensorFGK101Garage_DoorSensor changed from CLOSED to OPEN

My config looks like this:
(in the HABmin-device-configuration-description the items are immediately updated when changing)

(Edit: Association Groups: Lifeline = openHAB Controller)

Do you have the channel “Door Open”?
If not, mine looks like this. That’s what Wayne suggested above, i think.

Try setting association group “Lifeline” to your zwave controller.

@sihui That helped. Thank you.

I’m gonna edit the config above.

@cgeo Please pay attention that I edited the config

Association Groups: 1 Lifeline = openHAB Controller

as @sihui has recommended.

Check under Configuration of your zwave serial controller if “Controller is Master” is set to true (if done through HABmin you need to activate “Advanced Settings”).
Properly configured devices in the zwave database should be set to this automatically then.

As I remember, there hasn’t been any device set to this automatically.
Do you know if all of my settings below are ok?

This information was from the “old days” in openHAB1.
Maybe in openHAB2 this is not the case anymore … not sure about that.

Inclusion mode should be set to “Network wide”, then the controller is sending high power AND is able to use the mesh network for inclusion (for supported devices, for example zwave plus).

Thanks for the help guys. After checking I see I do not have the door sensor

I only have those

Have you manually created that item ?
I did not create anything manually. Everything got automatically created during the introduction of the sensor in the z-wave network

edit: As you can see in my first post I already tried to change one channel (binary sensor) to a contact but I still get nothing reported

Note that there are two different database entries for this device, one is for firmware versions up to 2.5:
and does not have the command class “Alarm” = Door Sensor while the devices from firmware versions 3.2
do have the “Door Sensor”

You cannot do that, you need to use the default. If the devices item is recognized as “Switch”, you need to use switch, if it is “Contact”, you need to use contact.

See above, two different devices are available.
In openHAB2 you may have auto discovered devices, manually created devices or a mix of both. It is up to you how you want to use it. So if you prefer the auto detection, that’s fine.

So in your above setup, you need to concentrate on the “Binary Sensor”, create an item for that channel, display it on your sitemap and make sure association group Lifeline is set to your controller and it should work.

If not make sure the device is fully initialized and/or take a look in your openhab.log to see what is going on.

@sihui My device has firmware 3.2 and the correct config is loaded as far as I can see

I only have 5 channels created by default. Is this normal ?

The problem I see is that if the switch / contact is not updated in habdmin when the door open/closes then there is no point in creating the sitemap

I still do not know why you guys have the Door Open item under channels and I do not. Maybe it was not properly added in the DB ?

I even don’t have that device, only the older one :slight_smile:
As I can see you have a “Last Wakeup Time”, that is good.
I don’t know why you only have 5 channels available, my older one has 9 channels available.

I would do: delete the thing, check /userdata/zwave if node6.xml is gone, if not delete it (save it somewhere), start discovery for zwave and after detection add the thing again … then wake it up several times until the node6.xml is recreated and it should have all channels (hopefully).

@cgeo sorry if this was covered somewhere, but what version of the binding are you running? Is it the latest snapshot?

@chris The binding version I use is binding-zwave - 2.0.0.b4

I assumed you where on the latest snapshot because of that statement …
Time to update :grinning:

I installed it a 2-3 months ago. I was assuming I am in the latest but then again I do not know how fast things change :slight_smile:

I suppose I cannot upgrade the binding itself (installed it via paperUI) and i need to upgrade my openhab server ? I see there is a new one during christmas with quite many substantial changes

You will need at least beta5, better is to upgrade to the latest snapshot to keep track of all the changes Chris puts into this project :slight_smile:
But this will completely break your setup (not only zwave) because of the database structure change.
Read more about that here:
If you don’t have a very large setup I would recommend to start from scratch … you still can use your manually created things, items, sitemaps (if you have any), so save your old installation, mainly the /conf folder.

Yes I read about all this yesterday. I was not planning to upgrade just yet but I will go ahead and do it.
My setup is not that big and it is only zwave for now but since we are moving away from mapdb better to upgrade now before my setup grows bigger. Could be a good practise too.

Will report back if I still get the same issue or not with the door sensor