Door Status as text item?

Newbie Question :slight_smile:

im trying to represent the status of my garage door (open/closed) as TEXT , currently it has a dynamic ICON using garagedoor , works perfectly , however i wish to add the Status received via the Door sensor (MQTT)

I want it to show up something like below in the IOS App …

“dynamic Icon” Garage Door 1 OPEN / CLOSED

in my sitemap i just have

Text item=GarageSensor1

Ideas ??

Secondly how do show a Push Button type switch instead of a slider ?
as in
the middle screen shot showing button Switch ??


You want to be using the Map Transformation Service.

Details are available in the documentation at and

Take a look at how I tackled my garage doors and front gate…it may give you some guidance on how I set my items and sitemap up.

Thanks to All , I have managed to get what i needed from piecing together info you both supplied :slight_smile:

Then how about sharing what you did?