Having to replace an Aeotec doorbell 5. Tried the latest version from them but it’s not well supported in OH and out of the box it’s crazy loud. I don’t have wiring to a transformer but could probably come up some if needed. Video capability isn’t really desired but I won’t rule it out. I’m really just looking for a doorbell that I can hear when home and generate notifications using telegram for when I’m not home.

I’ve got mostly z-wave devices and some hue lights. Running OH3.1.0m3 on a centos 8 box.

Any suggestions?

Hi @BiloxiGeek ,
I don’t use z-wave deives, but I use enocean devices and openhab as a doorbell.

You can buy a wireless and energy harvesting wall switch or an “old style” looking door bell button with build in enocean.
These devices can be connected to openhab, you just need a usb receiver. Now you are free to set up your bell as you like. Play a tone/audio, send a push notification, run a complex rule etc. Endless possibilities.

Hope this helps,