Doorbird 301A working with Binding?

Dear all

The current Doorbird binding doesn’t mention anything about the 301A IP upgrade from Doorbird. So I shout it out and ask could it work with the current Binding or not?

Any Ideas or experience?

Thanks and regards

That’s because I’m not familiar with this product. :smile:

If it’s functionally equivalent to the D101/D201/D205, you could try creating a D101 thing and see if it works.

If it’s not functionally equivalent, can you point me to the documentation/specifications? I can look into whether it can be added to the binding.

Hi Mark

I thought in such a direction too. But firstly I need to get the device and connected it :slight_smile:

I’ll give feedback as soon as I know more.


Dear all I have successfully installed Doorbirds D301a and connected it to openHAB2 Doorbird binding. This is one more small step forward on my way.

Official bi-lingual manual (english german)
Official product guide english

So far I only attached the channels:

  • Doorbell_Pressed
  • Doorbell_PressedTimestamp
  • Doorbell_OpenDoor1

Mainly for protocol reasons, later on maybe more.

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