Doorbird Image stops refreshing after doorbell rings

Hey there,
I migrated from 2.5 to 3.0.1 So far so good. After a month I am almost finished.

But I have a Problem with the Doorbird Camera.

I want to view the actual image on a tablet. So I created an Image Card and choosed the Doorbird Image as item. So I get an image every 2 Seconds. If someone presses the doorbell it stops refreshing. Only a reboot or restart of the openhab.service brings it back to life.

I have the openhab 2.5 still running on another vm. There is no problem if someone rings the doorbell…

I also tried the stream via the IPCam Binding. This works for a few minutes then the stream stops and I have to refresh the browser tab.

Has someone an idea what the problem could be.