Doorbird - TV or Google Home Hub Integration

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(Jatin Shah) #1

I have a doorbird doorbell which currently integrates to Loxone speakers which makes a sound when the doorbell is triggered.
The next step is to have the trigger, display an image or stream video to a Sony android tv or to the Google home hub. I am currently using openhab (and would prefer to continue using this) to chromecast using the video.cgi link. However, I have a few issues:

  1. the http webhook that you configure in doorbird, you can only trigger one. (at the moment I’m using it to trigger the loxone speakers)

  2. the actual video stream doesn’t chromecast. I’m thinking this is to do with the supported encoding. Although it could also be that the url itself isn’t supported by the chromecast plugin.

Has anyone managed to successfully stream doorbird using chromecast and if so, if they could share the code?

Also any other suggestions on how to do the same thing as well as solve the doorbird single http issue.

Many thanks,