Doorbird video doorbell binding

Interesting, thank you !
I’m on holidays right now, I will try to check it next week.
Could you please provide me with your ulaw test file ?
Doorbird seems to be very picky about format.

This is the ulaw file: - symph.raw
It is the same one like the MP3 file which I used for the gstreamer test, just converted it with Audacity with the following steps:

  • Import the MP3
  • Set project frequency at the bottem left to 8000
  • In the top menu: tracks → Mix → Stereo to Mono
  • File → Export → Audio → Select “other uncmpressed types” and in the format options: Header: RAW, Encoding: U-Law

But I think your code would at least play some noise if you add my changes there instead of just giving you a 200. The main issue is, that you post the whole file at once instead of streaming it.

weird that we both have such different results. On my ubuntu system, the addition of ‘use-content-length=true’ results in “ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstCurlHttpSink:curlhttpsink0: HTTP response error: (received: 400)”

on my raspberry pi with an older gstreamer (1.14.4), I don’t get the error, but I get corrupted audio.

If I add ‘use-content-length=true’ to my simple wav streaming pipeline, it again fails with a 400 error on the ubuntu system, but works perfectly (and without clicking!) on my raspberry pi.

So I now have the world’s most hacky audio system, with openhab converting an MP3 to wav using FFMPEG, then SCPing the result to the raspberry pi, and then running gstreamer on the pi using SSH. But it is better than it was before - so thank you!

Just to add: same results on two doorbirds - D101S, latest firmware 000134, D1101V (latest firmware 000131). So seems certain it’s weirdness in different gstreamer installations.

So, with the hint from @BerndZ (thank you !), I made some progress, and I have now a beta version with audio sink capability for the doordbird binding.

I’m not 100% satisfied, because :

  • The sound is not very good ? (would like your opinions on this)
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work. The audio is sent, the response is OK, but the Doorbird produces no sound. Does it also happen to you ?

Here is the snapshot to download. Beta tester welcome !

Only WAV files are supported (PCM, or ULAW). You shouldn’t have to worry about frequency, channel, sample rate or whatever, etc, as the code should convert it on the fly. If it doesn’t work, say it here and post the file you used.

I could add support for MP3 (as I did on the pulseaudio binding), but then I would have to add a dependency to another library (@mhilbush do you have an opinion ?)

By the way, @mhilbush, when (and if) it is ready, how do you usually proceed for merging code from another contributor ? Should I make a pull request to you ? Or directly to the openhab repository and you will review it ?

If it is satisfying, on the long term, I think it should be possible to add an audio source as well.
And with this, the doorbird could become a vocal assistant/conversation agent. So much fun to be a geek :rofl:

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The more libraries there are, the more to maintain by keeping libraries up to date. I’d suggest focusing on making sure the WAV version works consistently and reliably.

Normally you would just make a PR to the openhab-addons repo.

Ever thought about asking Bird Home Automation GmbH (the DoorBird manufacturer) to add openHAB to their DoorBird Connect partners (see Video door intercom and video doorbell for iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Tablet)?
I am asking, because FHEM and ioBroker are listed there as well and improving visibility is always good.

No, I hadn’t considered it, but it’s a very good idea. Thanks.

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Come on, nobody ? :sweat_smile:
@BerndZ ? @dan12345 ? @higgers ?
I would really like to have feedback in order to decide if it is worth a pull request :wink:

Sorry, I hadn’t received a notification that there were more posts to this thread.

apologies, I don’t use openhab audio sinks, as I prefer to do as much as possible in my own code…


is there a documentation available how to save short videos in OH3 - for example 30sec. when the motion sensor is triggered?

Really appreciated if someone can share something.


Unfortunately openHAB has no ability to save videos, it‘s a smart home platform and not a video surveillance system.

Personally, I am using Synology Surveillance Station on my Synology NAS to save short clips from my DoorBird.
This should work with the most video surveillance systems, you could also have a look at ZoneMinder.

Thanks for that information. I will have a look at ZoneMinder it’s also available as docker and I can use that with my unRAID server.

@snowy: I am using IP Camera binding for this. It’s working properly with Doorbird and also in parallel with Doorbird binding!

The video / pictures / Gifs… are stored in OH folder locally. I guess this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

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Try Frigate and Shinobi, both support what you try to do I assume.