Download complete 1.9.0 bindings?

Hey All,

Maybe a silly question, I have just upgraded my OH from 1.7.0 to 1.8.3 and noticed that there are 1.9.0 bindings available, is there a way to download all current 1.9.0 bindings as a single zip like the main download for 1.8.3?

Also, is there a reason the main bindings download hasn’t been updated to the 1.9.0 releases?



When OH 1.x gets released it gets released as a complete package of core and bindings. But OH 1.x is end of life, at least in terms of support. There will never be an OH 1.9 release. But because the bindings are undergoing continued development since most of them are also included with OH 2.0 they have a version of 1.9.

Thanks for explaining.

Does that mean there isnt a complete 1.9 zip for the bindings, I have looked through the offline 2.0 zip and cant find them in there.

The first line of my reply above is the link to said zip file of all 1.9 bindings.