Download of Eclipse Smarthome Designer broken


I would like to download the latest Eclipse Smarthome Designer. Either the released 0.9 or the latest snapshot. But I get an error saying “You’re so close”.
Tried it on these links:

Also the links from this site bring the same message:

Is it just broken or do I use the wrong links?

Thanks in advance,

See the link (download as zip) on this site and the following text:“Please note that the Designer has been deprecated is not part of the release anymore.”

Hi Harry,

I see. I downloaded the zip but it seems not to be the designer itself… it looks completely different.
If it is deprecated, is there something as a substitution for it?

@viktor_Sc check out openHAB VS Code Extension :wink:

OK now I get it. I first thought it was for the “usual” Visual Studio…

Thanks for your help!

That happens way too often.
Microsoft should have thought a bit more about the naming of that editor. :smile:


Kuba @ Eclipse Smarthome Designer intellisence working well (with no any additional actions), @ VS Code doesn’t. How to enable this option simply ?

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