Download of OpenHABian (2.4 and 2.3)

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Just trying to download the (Raspberry) OpenHABian SD card images for both versions 2.4 and 2.3 but when I am trying to follow “Download the latest “openHABianPi” SD card image file” ( I am finding some version 1.4.1 from April 3rd.

The same happens to me no matter if I select “Version 2.3” or “latest” at

Would anybody have a hint for me?

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The openHABian image does not contain any openHAB versions, those will be downloaded and installed as soon as you start the openHABian installation procedure.

On first boot the system will set up openHAB and the mentioned settings and tools.

Thanks a lot sihui!

Guess I made a fool out of me then… :frowning:
But still a question out of this then - do I get it right that consequently openHABian will always install the latest build - and it wouldn’t be possible to still do a fresh V2.3 install via this image file?

You can choose which version of OH gets installed in the openhabian-config menu. I’ve never run the auto-installer SD image but suspect that one will install the latest released version by default which you can then change by running openhabian-config.

I have to admit I am confused a bit so I took a second look into this - and either I am blind or it’s only possible to upgrade to newer / unstable releases from within openhabian-config.
Neither did I find an option to choose a version during the openhabian installation process which runs unattended.
Did I miss something or didn’t I search at the right places?

Under 40. openHab Related it gives you a list of options to choose which version of OH to install. Choose openHAB Release to install the latest stable release.

Sorry If I was misleading - the latest stable release was clear. What is not though is how to have eg 2.3 installed after 2.4 has been released.
From what I read though I fear that this simply isn’t supported natively by openhabian at the time being - neither have I found any tweak on how to achieve the same - so it’s obviously crucial to have a 2.3 image backup of the SD card available in case needed…

You should be able to use:

Make sure you are on the stable repo.
Any specific reason for downgrading?

I am on 2.3 stable - and no, no reason to downgrade.
Just trying to understand how to avoid being forced to upgrade to 2.4 (and having to face required maybe time consuming reconfiguration tasks) in case a fresh install and a restore of an existing backup would be required - for what reason ever…

sudo apt-mark hold openhab2
sudo apt-mark unhold openhab2

Thanks a lot for the hint!
For a not so Linux savvy user that’s for sure a great starting point to proceed with google then…

Have a very merry Christmas!

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