Downloading the latest OpenHAB binaries 1.x - where?

I am looking for the binaries of the latest (beta) “Runtime core” + “Addons”. I don’t want to compile them from scratch.
Where can I find these?

The openHAB 1.8.3 runtime can be downloaded here:

The addons that have evolved since that release (but are not yet part of a release) can be downloaded and manually added to your addons folder here:

Look in the target subdirectories for the JAR file(s) to add to your addons directory. There will be no more 1.x core runtime releases, but hopefully we can package the 1.x addons for convenient use of 1.x runtime users.

Many thanks! There were indeed some updates for the Bticino binding in the addons that I needed for my setup.

Do you happen to know if the Bticino binding is / will also be in OpenHAB 2?

I added a feature for it to OH2 just a few days ago!

Wow, that’s good news!
Does this means it is already in the OH2 Beta Snapshot, or do I need to download another version somewhere to use OH2 with the Bticino binding?

It should be there in the current OH2 snapshots but it seems very hard to find in the online distro.