Drag and Drop / Multiselect

I am currently trying to redesign/recreate my automation with openhab 3 RC1. But this took really long.
Are there any plans/possibilities to:

  • Drag and Drop Items in the “Model” View to quickly move Items a Group?
  • Is it somehow else possible to add a bunch of Items to a Group?
  • How can multiple Items removed at once?
  • Can Items be cloned and renamed while doing this?
  • How can Items be multi-edited? e. g. for renaming (prefixing) or change semantic type

In the order of you questions:

  • I Dont know
  • Yes, just edit the gourp. There is an option to add group members
  • In the item List in the upper right corner is a slelct option. Use it, then select items and in the lower left you will find a delet option
  • No as far as i know
  • Not possible as far as i know

Thanks for the deletion hint. I already saw this somewhere but i forgot it.

Does somebody know if there is a better option to create a bunch of items?
There is still the possibility to directly edit the jsondb, but i don’t think it’s the best option to directly edit the database?

You should think quer and start reading before asking.

There is an option to create items on a textual base. Look at the developer tools where you could import textual definitions or use item files.

I think there is an issue open. If not go and create one. There is no guarantee that all issues get implemented but without an issue few requests get implemented.

What Thomas said.

What Thomas said.

Unfortunately no.

Note, even with text based configs, you really are not renaming the Item. What you are doing when you load a .items file is destroying all the Items that came from that file and then recreating all the Items defined in that file.

The Item’s name is it’s unique ID and it is how that Item is referenced in: metadata, links, rules, persistence, the UIs. So renaming is a much bigger deal than just changing the name on the Item itself.

Consequently, the only way change the name of an Item is to destroy the old one and create the new one with the new name. So “bulk” changing the name of Items is probably not going to be on the horizon.

However, there is the ability to bulk import Items using .items file config syntax. I’ve never tried it but you might be able to bulk update Items using that.