DragonTech WD100

So First question… Does anyone know how to set the ramp rate when sent from a z-wave command? The ramp rate from the switch itself gradually dims on where as if a command is sent to it it is instant. I want to be able have it so that when a command is sent it gradually turns on. All I can find is the local control ramp rate variables.

Also does anyone know if this is the exact same as the homeseer HS-WD100+ In my reading i found out that the HS-WD100+ is made by dragon Tech and appears to be identical less the homeseer (HS) labeling. If they are indeed the same can we incorporate the scene capability into openhab?

Instead of sending an ON/OFF, treat it as a Dimmer and implement the dimming up/down yourself in a rule. That seems to be what most people do.

If it can be controlled there will be a configuration parameter to set in Habmin.