Dresden Elektronik deCONZ Binding RaspBee


i have some problems with the RaspBee-Module from Dresden Elektronik. If i use the official Image from Dresden Elektronik all works very well. But with openhabian Image i dont get Access to the Module.

sudo GCFFlasher_internal -l
[sudo] Passwort für openhabian:
GCFFlasher V3_05 © dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh
Path | Vendor | Product | Serial | Type

I think i have forgotten some config, but i dont have a idea anymore…

The /boot/config.txt was not correct.


Now i have added some sensors via Phoscom App. How can i get them into openhab? with autodiscover they wont be found.

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Thanks for the reply. I add the Hue-Bridge, but i dont find any Xiaomi item. I add some Temperature-Sonsors but i cant find them into openhab.

Since you mentioned “sensors”, you likely need considering aditionally the DeConz binding in addition to the HUE binding:

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i have the deCONZ bidning too. But i cant find the sensor. Have i add them manually? If yes, who can i find the id of the sensor in Phoscon?

Has the deCONZ binding an API key too as described in the binding documentation? If yes and connected, it should get the sensors automatically…

Have to admit: I don’t use the deCONZ binding myself, just did the deCONZ-HUE-openHAB test setup just out of curiosity and to help somebody :wink:

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Yes, i add the deconz gateway, put the right ip and press the “Connect App” button into Phoscon. After few seconds the gateway goes online but dont find anything.

Are bulbs etc. working with the HUE binding?

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I don’t have bulbs :confused: only temp, presence and window/door sensors. Into phoscon I can see the right values of the sensors. So I think that the deCONZ works very well. Only the connection to openHAB struggles.

… check log with increased logging level?

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No. wich level i have to choose? should i change it into org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg?

You might consider consulting the docs again :wink:
Logging etc. Is quite essential to isolate issues.

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i change the loglevel of deconz and hue to DEBUG but i cant see any log if i search for items…

openhab> log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.deconz
openhab> log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.hue

i use the logview ( http://openhabianpi:9001/ ) and log:tail ( what shows me the same)

That’s fine. These log settings should bring you something at least :wink:

But if you really watch out for items from deCONZ, then you can’t find them, since you simply don’t have items for your deCONZ stuff at this stage. Remember: Things provide channels which can be linked to items

If everything is well set up, then you could expect your deCONZ-things to be discovered and appearing in the log (and in the INBOX).

Hope that helps.
BUT: If these are new terms for you in relation to openHAB, then you should really read some more in the documentation (check for basic concepts etc.)

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On openHAB M1 version auto discovery does not work.
I have had it working on later snapshots, but unsure of the current state of snapshots.
There has been major rework going on lately in the preparations for M2, so my last few attempts using a snapshot resulted in me reverting back to M1.
Anyway, if you have renamed your switches and sensors, the only way to obtain the id number is using the REST-API


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Ok, with i get the list with all Items and ids. Now i can add them manually. But i have 2 problems. First the Temperatur is just a little bit high :wink:

Temperature 2431.0 °C

If i look into the SensorThingHandler.java i see the Xiaomi Temperatur fix ( temperature / 100 ) - Strange

Secord. I’m not able to add Window/Door-Sensors. All my Presence and Temperatur-Sensors work very well. Do you have any idea?

Edit: If i add the Items via HUE Bidnign Manually all is fine. Did i need the deCONZ binding? It looks like i can all with the Hue Binding. But i dont have all Channels of the Items. Its very bad :frowning:

should i switch to OH 2.5? Maybe the Binding is better? And all my Windows/Door-Sensors are not able to find. I tested 6 Sensors. :confused: They all works like a charm with the original Xiaomi Gateway.

I don’t know what Thing device types you try using?
Again, are you using the correct Thing device type?
Using the HUE binding sensors and switches are polled.
The upside with the deCONZ binding is that is listens on the WEBsocket port where events are pushed.
This reduces data traffic and switch response times.
I’m on 2.5M1 (did you state what version you are on?), but knows that the deCONZ binding has received updates after that, but in order to use it you must try out a snapshot and see how that fares.

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This are the Thing i would have in openhab. Some of my Door And Windows Sensors are connected. I switchted my installation to 2.5 Milestone and installed the deCONZ Snapshot 2.5 Binding.

Hi Patrik,

I´m using Openhab 2.5M1. The inbox is still broken with deconz.
So you have still configure the things File manually.

Here is a full example of my Window/Door-Sensors (Xiaomi) with Deconz.
In the Things-File you can see how I add other Xiaomi Sensors.
Maybe it helps.

Rest API http://phoscon/api/API-KEY-INSERT-HERE/sensors:

THINGS-File deconz.things

 Bridge deconz:deconz:homeserver [ host="", apikey="YOUR-API-KEY-INSERT-HERE" ] 

     // Switch Hue

     switch              BathSwitchSonos01             "Bath_Switch_Sonos_01" [ id="9" ]
     switch              KitchenSwitchSonos01         "Kitchen_Switch_Sonos_01"     [ id="2" ]
     switch              LivingroomSwitchSonos01      "Livingroom_Switch_Sonos_01"  [ id="24" ]
     switch              LivingroomSwitchLamps01      "Livingroom_Switch_Lamps_01"  [ id="22" ]
     switch              BedroomSwitchLamps01         "Bedroom_Switch_Lamps_01"     [ id="30" ]
     switch              BedroomSwitchLamps02         "Bedroom_Switch_Lamps_02"     [ id="31" ]
     switch              KitchenSwitchLamps01         "Kitchen_Switch_Lamps_01"     [ id="32" ]

     // Roomsensor Xiaomi Temperature / Humidity / Pressure
     temperaturesensor   LivingRoomTempsensorTemperature01  "LivingRoom_Tempsensor_01" [ id="3" ]
     humiditysensor      LivingRoomTempsensorHumidity01     "LivingRoom_Tempsensor_01" [ id="4" ]
     pressuresensor      LivingRoomTempsensorPressure01     "LivingRoom_Tempsensor_01" [ id="5" ]

     temperaturesensor   BathTempsensorTemperature01  "Bath_Tempsensor_01" [ id="10" ]
     humiditysensor      BathTempsensorHumidity01     "Bath_Tempsensor_01" [ id="11" ]
     //pressuresensor      BathTempsensorPressure01     "Bath_Tempsensor_01" [ id="5" ]

     temperaturesensor   BasementTempsensorTemperature01  "Basement_Tempsensor_01" [ id="12" ]
     humiditysensor      BasementTempsensorHumidity01     "Basement_Tempsensor_01" [ id="13" ]
     pressuresensor      BasementTempsensorPressure01     "Basement_Tempsensor_01" [ id="14" ]

     temperaturesensor   WashroomTempsensorTemperature01  "Washroom_Tempsensor_01" [ id="15" ]
     humiditysensor      WashroomTempsensorHumidity01     "Washroom_Tempsensor_01" [ id="16" ]
     pressuresensor      WashroomTempsensorPressure01     "Washroom_Tempsensor_01" [ id="17" ]

     temperaturesensor   OutdoorTempsensorTemperature01  "Outdoor_Tempsensor_01" [ id="18" ]
     humiditysensor      OutdoorTempsensorHumidity01     "Outdoor_Tempsensor_01" [ id="19" ]
     pressuresensor      OutdoorTempsensorPressure01     "Outdoor_Tempsensor_01" [ id="20" ]

     // Watersensor Xiaomi 

     waterleakagesensor  KitchenWatersensor01               "Kitchen_Watersensor_01"   [ id="6" ]      
     waterleakagesensor  BasementWatersensor01              "Basement_Watersensor_01"  [ id="7" ]      
     waterleakagesensor  ToolroomWatersensor01              "Toolroom_Watersensor_01"  [ id="21" ]      

     // Windowsensor Xiami

     openclosesensor     EntrancePostsensor01       "Entrance_Postsensor_01"           [ id="8" ]  

     // PresenceSensor

     presencesensor      HallwayPresenceSensor01     "Hallway_Presence_Sensor_01"       [ id="25" ]

//     presencesensor      livingroom-presence     "Livingroom Presence"       [ id="1" ]
//     openclosesensor     livingroom-window       "Livingroom Window"         [ id="5" ]  
//     alarmsensor         basement-alarm          "Basement Alarm Sensor"     [ id="8" ]



// Windowsensor Xiami

Contact              EntrancePostsensor01Open           "Open/close"     (OU_Entrance) {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:homeserver:EntrancePostsensor01:open"}
DateTime             EntrancePostsensor01LastUpdated    "Last updated"    {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:homeserver:EntrancePostsensor01:last_updated"}
Number               EntrancePostsensor01BatteryLevel   "Battery level"   {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:homeserver:EntrancePostsensor01:battery_level"}
Switch               EntrancePostsensor01BatteryLow     "Low battery"     {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:homeserver:EntrancePostsensor01:battery_low"}
Number:Temperature   EntrancePostsensor01Temperature    "Temperature"     {channel="deconz:openclosesensor:homeserver:EntrancePostsensor01:temperature"}

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