Dropbox IO disabled using 1.8.3

I noticed in my logs the other day that I was getting a bunch of code 403s for the DropboxSynchronizer:

2016-08-12 14:30:00.565 [WARN ] [d.internal.DropboxSynchronizer] - Synchronizing data with Dropbox throws an exception: unexpected HTTP status code: 403: {"api_error": true, "user_error": "This app is currently disabled.", "error": "This app is currently disabled."}

I figured something on the dropbox side went nuts but my account didn’t show any errors. I decided to just reauthorize since the errors didn’t stop and nothing was being updated. I connected to the OSGI console and ran startAuthentication which returned the URL to reauthenticate.

When I go to that URL it returns “This app is currently disabled”. I don’t think this is a problem with my account because it returns that value even if I am not logged in.

Anyone else seen this?

I have the same error I just noticed.
Seems to me that dropbox disabled this app access to the API?

The same on my oh server :frowning:

Same problem on OH 1.8.3 :confused:

This probably happened to everyone using dropbox with openhab.
this is the reply i got from dropbox:

Hi Joakim,Thanks for writing this
in. This error indicates that the Dropbox API app has been disabled,
either by the owner of the app disabling the app itself, or by the owner
deleting their account.Please reach out to the developer/owner of the app for help with this issue.If the developer needs help with their app, they can open a ticket with us at:https://www.dropbox.com/developers/contactRegards,

I have opened an issue regarding this: