Dropbox io odd behavior

I am having difficulty with syncing. It used to work well but since my upgrade to 1.83 it will only sync the top layer (folder) but not others.
It will sync my openhab.cfg but not update any changes to my items, rules, etc folders.
I have reauthorised it using startAuthentication several times.
I am not getting any errors in the log files
Any ideas would be really helpful

Hi Phil

Did you find a solution?
I think I have same issue here. For me it looks like the upload frommy openhab to dropbox is working.
But the download does not seem to do anything. None of teh files are updated whereas on my ubuntu server on the dropbox folder the file is correctly updated.
I have nothing in the log and I am not able to start the dropbox bundle in debug mode.

I would expect again some authorization issue but do not manage to figure out how to solve it yet.

If anyone can help thanks.

I can’t rennet the exact process but I fixed it by removing the Dropbox folder and then re authorising.