Dropped SSH connection to Karaf Console blocks whole system

I always wondered why openHAB was blocked after a few changes from my PC. After a few minutes this blockage has been solved and all commands in the queue were executed.

Now I think I have found the problem. It is the remote access to Karaf via SSH. When the connection drops, there are massive timeouts for about 5 minutes that slow down the whole system. This always happens when I put the workstation to sleep without closing the SSH connection.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am using Openhab 3.1.

I’ve not seen that reported nor have I experienced that, though I almost always ssh to the console from the same machine.

But this is going to be something managed in Karaf, not necessarily something in OH. So you might look through its issues to see if this has been reported there.

Hello @rlkosha,

thank you for your response. For me it is fine as I know now the reason for the system freezes. Thus, I now bravely close the connection. I would not spend more time on this topic for now.