DSC alarm and TPI commands

Hi all,

According to this Elvisalink document, there are two types of commands: application commands and TPI commands. I’ve been able to successfully send application command (e.g. trigger a fire alarm). However, I can’t send a TPI command. I am wondering if this is an intentional limitation of the add-on.

The use case I am trying to do is to trigger the alarm as if someone has open the door while it is in arm-away mode). The fire alarm trigger works, but there is a limitation with the DSC panel (it sends a restore event immediately even before the user enters the code to silence the alarm).


Hello @yfaway,

No, not a limitation of the binding. It is the design of the TPI protocol. The application commands are sent by the application (the binding in this case) to the Envisalink. The TPI commands are sent by the Envisalink module to the application. The Envisalink does not recognize the TPI commands as incoming commands by design. Hope this helps.

Thanks Russell. All is well. I found a way to trigger the panic alarm via the send command with “060,1”. Not ideal as the DSC panel sends the restore event immediately, but it could be worked around using additional states.