DSC alarm binding: send command string

I’m a bit confused on the DSC alarm binding. I’d like to send a key string command to the panel. I have the EV4. Everything else in the binding works that I’ve tried except this. The documentation looks inconsistent to me. I’m using OH2.4.

The example in the binding shows this item and channel link, but I can’t find the “send_command” channel. Where is it? I looked through Paper UI and I don’t see it.

String SEND_DSC_ALARM_COMMAND "Send a DSC Alarm Command" {channel="dscalarm:envisalink:MyBridgeName:send_command"}

Higher in the document it says that there is a “send_command” that is a Switch. But I don’t see that either.

This post by @openhab2 mentions the channel, but I’ve tried that in my Items file and the command does nothing. The fact that I can’t see the channel in PaperUI makes me suspicious that something has changed. Or more likely I have something miss-configured.

Hello @jswim788,

You are right, the documentation is incorrect; the send_command channel is a string type not a switch type. When looking in the PaperUI the channel will be part of the Envisalink Bridge. The send_command is designed to be used in a rule. The documentation gives examples at the bottom of the page on how to use it. Hope this helps.

It should be here, right? I only see the reset channel for the bridge. Or is this not the right location to find it?

Yes, that is the correct location. Not sure why it isn’t showing up. What is your item setup in the item file?

Item file looks like this, but that doesn’t control the existence of channels, does it?

String SEND_DSC_ALARM_COMMAND "Send a DSC Alarm Command" {channel="dscalarm:envisalink:5421059a:send_command"}