DSC Alarm Binding - Sending code for the Panic Button

Hi All,
I have tried sending the API code for Panic Button via sendDSCAlarmCommand but it just
seems to throw various errors. I looked at the source code (APICode.java) and it appears that it expects 2 characters in addition to the API code. Here is what I tried:

But it doesn’t seem to work as it complains about the fact that the partition # should be 1 character
in the range 1-8. Has anyone tried doing this successfully?

FYI, I am using Openhab 1.8 and have a DSC 1832 panel with Envisalink EVL 4 module.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello @vivek,

It looks like you have found a bug. The 060 command doesn’t require the partition number but the binding is checking for it. The command only requires a single number; 1, 2, or 3. I have put a new .jar file here. If you want to try it just copy the file to your addons directory and remove the old dscalarm binding file. Let me know how it works. Hope this helps.

Hi Russell,
Thank you so much for addressing this problem. I have tested your new .jar file and can confirm that
it solved the issue I was seeing. I am now able to trigger the panic alarm by sending 060 and 3.
Have a good day!

Thanks and Regards,

Hello Vivek,

I am glad it is working. I appreciate you testing it. I will make a pull request to have this fix merged with openHAB. Thanks again for your feedback.